Los Angeles Art Gallery Tours

Illuminating the Los Angeles Art Scene

About LA Art Gallery Tours

The contemporary art scene in Los Angeles is thriving, but navigating through all the galleries spread out across town can be daunting to the uninitiated.

Founded on the premise that art viewing should be entertaining, informative and fun, Los Angeles Art Gallery Tours breaks it all down ā€“ from the neighborhoods to the art ā€“ shining a light on a pinnacle of Southern California's cultural life and illuminating today's seemingly impenetrable art.

Hit the hottest shows of the moment, featuring both established and emerging artists and have a blast.

Los Angeles Art Gallery Tours' walking and driving tours are:

  • Designed for individuals or groups, locals or tourists.
  • Designed for corporate events, conventions, fund raisers and students.

About Bill

Bill Kleiman is a Santa Monica-based
sculptor and the Director of
Los Angeles Art Gallery Tours.

With nearly 25 years of experience as an artist and as an avid art fan, Bill has the unique ability to make contemporary art accessible, pleasurable and entertaining to novice and seasoned art viewers alike.

He cherry-picks the most exciting, interesting and significant exhibitions of the moment, distilling a day of gallery-going down to its essence, sharing his infectious enthusiasm for art by explaining not just what viewers can see, but what they can't: the tangle of cultural, professional and material concerns that leads to its creation.

Bill believes that gallery-going can be a window into the world and a mirror for viewers to reflect their own conclusions.

With each tour he strives to demonstrate that, like more popular forms of entertainment, visual art has a vital and sometimes transcendent power to amuse, communicate and impact our lives.

A graduate of Los Angeles's Otis/Parsons Masters in Fine Art program, Bill also holds a BA in Studio Practice from UC Berkeley.

He has exhibited throughout the Los Angeles area, where his work has received consistently enthusiastic critical accolades.

Oh, and some people think that he's funny.

If you're interested in Bill's artwork, you can view his personal website at www.billkleiman.com.