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Jennifer Steinkamp, Botanic 2, 2016, computer-generated animation, dimensions variable

Jennifer Steinkamp, "Botanic 2", 2016, computer-generated animation, dimensions variable

Saturday, June 10, 2017, Acme, a groundbreaking Los Angeles gallery, shut its doors for good, a mere seven months after relocating from mid-Wilshire to Frogtown.

Acme’s impact on the Los Angeles art scene throughout the ‘90s and first decade of the new millennium was profound.

While the gallery and others’ tally Acme’s tenure at 22 years (1994-2017) – directors Randy Sommer’s and Robert Gunderman’s joint term as significant contributors to Los Angeles’ art scene began in 1992 when, together with Leonard Bravo and Stephen Hartzog, they co-directed Food House. (Sommer joining the other three shortly after the gallery’s inception.) (more…)

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Test Your Artistic Compass; Bill Kleiman Explains Art Fairs (Paramount Ranch, ALAC, LA Art Book Fair this weekend)

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Bill Kleiman ALAContemp 2012

Two weeks ago hundreds of galleries and thousands of people descended on downtown for the LA Art Fair at the Convention Center and Photo LA at LA Mart.

Now the Art Los Angeles Contemporary fair is at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica through Sunday. Also this weekend, the Paramount Ranch in Santa Monica will bring 30-plus galleries and artist-run spaces to the mountains of Santa Monica. And don’t forget the LA Art Book Fair, at the Geffen Contemporary through Sunday. That’s five art and art-related fairs already and we are barely out of January.

But the question arises for those of us who like to go see art but don’t feel expert in who’s who and what’s what in the art world, which of these art fairs matter? What should we be looking for? DnA turned to Bill Kleiman, left, artist and director of Los Angeles Art Gallery Tours, for his opinion. (more…)

Kristian Burford, Audition, Scene 1: In Love, 2013

Kristian Burford, Audition, Scene 1: In Love, 2013

Australian born and bred Angeleno, Kristian Burford, pulls off a Los Angeles miracle in his exhibition, Audition, at Culver City’s Nye + Brown gallery.


In an alchemical transformation, Burford combines three familiar visual components to reveal something new, poignant and ripe for interpretation.


Two life-size, fluorescent-lit, beige office cubicles are each inhabited by a sculpture of a similarly beige-hued female nude, who appears bored in one tableau and frightened or anxious in the other. Each cage-like diorama is walled with two-way mirrors, visually multiplying the cubicles and nudes ad infinitum and from all vantage points. (more…)