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Culver City
Culver City / Mid-Wishire

Arguably Los Angeles' hottest art neighborhood, Culver City's gallery district has snowballed since 2003, when Blum & Poe Gallery relocated their stable of world-class artists from Santa Monica to a non-descript block of La Cienega Boulevard.

Large spaces, comparatively cheap rent and an easy drive for the art-viewing/ buying public make this locale the perfect environment for the blend of ambition, experimentation and commerce that power LA's thriving art scene. Boasting nearly 30 galleries and an impressive, non-profit art space, there is always plenty to discover and discuss in Culver City.

Further north, on Wilshire near Fairfax, a small enclave of world-renown galleries, also one-time Santa Monica transplants, represent some of the hottest artwork that Los Angeles has to offer.

What Will I See?

  • Artwork destined for museum shows and art magazines
  • Some of LA's most highly in-demand art
  • Artwork with a high level of conceptual focus and craftsmanship

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Mid-Wilshire Gallery Tour
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"…you took me to places in Culver City that I have never been to, and opened my eyes to a town I thought I knew well."
- Kira Gould

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