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Jennifer Steinkamp, Botanic 2, 2016, computer-generated animation, dimensions variable

Jennifer Steinkamp, "Botanic 2", 2016, computer-generated animation, dimensions variable

Saturday, June 10, 2017, Acme, a groundbreaking Los Angeles gallery, shut its doors for good, a mere seven months after relocating from mid-Wilshire to Frogtown.

Acme’s impact on the Los Angeles art scene throughout the ‘90s and first decade of the new millennium was profound.

While the gallery and others’ tally Acme’s tenure at 22 years (1994-2017) – directors Randy Sommer’s and Robert Gunderman’s joint term as significant contributors to Los Angeles’ art scene began in 1992 when, together with Leonard Bravo and Stephen Hartzog, they co-directed Food House. (Sommer joining the other three shortly after the gallery’s inception.) (more…)