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Kira Gould

Tour Testimonial

"Thank you so much for taking me on your art tour of Culver City. As an interior designer and aesthete, I love beautiful things, but I must admit that I am a complete art world neophyte.

I was excited to come on your tour, but I was not sure what to expect--would I be overwhelmed seeing a bunch of galleries? Would it be uber intellectual and lead me to daydream? (Or worse yet, to nod off...you know that soporific feeling one tends to get after hours spent in a museum.)

Your tour was none of those things! First of all, you took me to places in Culver City that I have never been to, and opened my eyes to a town I thought I knew well. Secondly, I felt quite cool, hip and in-the-know, even a little edgy...while not being over-the-top, or too out there.

I think your choices of galleries were well matched to our group. And your ability to tailor to our whims and fancies on the fly, was much appreciated. I also found your comments to be easily digestible, and relatable...I could quickly and easily get what was important or interesting about a piece without getting lost in a bunch of artist-speak.

You made me appreciate contemporary art in a similar way to popular music; it was fun, hip, vital and visceral. You made me want to not only surround myself with beautiful things, but to actually start building a collection (and not by spending tons of money--even better!).

Thank you for making the art world accessible, and not so serious. One question: can I take you with me to Paris?"

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