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Experience LA’s golden age of contemporary art


Immerse yourself in LA’s golden age of contemporary art

Whether you are a contemporary art rookie or a seasoned connoisseur – we invite you to join us for a pleasurable and informative private tour of one of the world’s most influential art scenes.

The Los Angeles art world is in constant flux. Scattered across the city’s sprawl, gallery exhibitions open and close on a monthly basis. New galleries launch, while others relocate or shutter without warning. Efficiently navigating the shifting terrain and ferreting out the most compelling work is daunting for just about everyone – locals included.

Los Angeles Art Gallery Tours breaks it all down for you, from the art to the artists to the geography. Our focused, private walking and driving tours help make the most of your dip into LA’s art scene.

Founded by working artist and avid art fan, Bill Kleiman, Los Angeles Art Gallery Tours operates on the premise that art viewing should be accessible, entertaining, informative and, most of all – fun. We are expert at showing you around and explaining things. But we offer so much more than that: we employ passion, humor and a wealth of experience to deliver unforgettable, immersive expeditions into Los Angeles’ internationally celebrated art scene.

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Our private, curated walking and driving tours are designed for:

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Recent attendees describe their tour in their own words:

First of all, you took me to places in Culver City that I have never been to, and opened my eyes to a town I thought I knew well. Secondly, I felt quite cool, hip and in-the-know, even a little edgy…while not being over-the-top, or too out there. Read more.

Kira Gould


Thank you again for such a fabulous Saturday afternoon art tour. I learned so much in such a short time, and your insights as a California artist made me feel like I’m really in the know. Read more.

Ruth Loomis

Rancho Park

Our guide, Bill Kleiman, is a professional artist himself and knows the art world intimately. He gives you a real insider’s view and, after one of his tours, you really feel you have received a great survey of current work being done. Even if you don’t expect that spending part of your day looking at art would be all that much fun, Bill makes it an enjoyable and memorable afternoon. Read more.

Don Farkas

Bel Air

The difference, for me and my family, between going to a gallery on our own and having Bill there to inform, guide and entertain us is night and day: we laughed, we learned and we looked at things from an informed perspective that made the whole experience come to light in a way that we could not have created on our own.

David Rothenberg


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