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Selecting and acquiring contemporary artwork can be overwhelming:

What do you like enough to buy? How much money should you spend? Did you get a fair price? What is the process?

Art adviser, Bill Kleiman, brings his background, professional network and a working artist’s perspective to assist you in your quest.

Los Angeles Art Advisory helps you find the artwork that best fits you or your business’ unique specifications – with full consideration of your taste, budget, schedule and privacy.

  • Whether you are starting with no knowledge of contemporary art or have an advanced degree in Art History, we are here to help you.
  • We will:
  • Work to understand your own unique taste, sort out your priorities and specifications, and help select the art that best fulfills you or your business’ specific needs. We can help educate you, too – which is a whole more fun than it sounds.
  • Protect your privacy.
  • Evaluate what the art you are considering communicates, not only to you, but to your friends, colleagues and clients, as well.
  • Analyze where the art will be placed in your home or business, taking into consideration not just the scale and aesthetics of the pieces themselves, but also the way in which they interact with the architecture, lighting, foot traffic, security, etc.
  • Negotiate fair prices for you, while providing honest, candid assessments – both aesthetic and monetary.
  • Maintain financial transparency – respecting your eye, your time and your money.
  • See your project through all the way to completion, making sure that your purchases are properly installed and that the relevant insurance and tax paperwork are in order.
  • We can:
  • Help you to gain access to highly sought-after, exclusively available artwork.
  • Connect you with more affordable work by emerging artists.
  • Arrange studio visits.
  • Bid at auction on your behalf.
  • Commission artwork tailor-made for you or your project.

Los Angeles Art Advisory ferries you through the process from start to finish.

Call or email us to discuss your project or schedule an appointment.

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