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Testimonials From Recent Tour Participants

Yelp 5 star review Planned a Birthday tour for my husband and myself. Bill helped me plan a tour based on my husbands interests in art. It was fantastic! Bill is very knowledgeable, flexible, insightful, and kind. He creates a tour and amends it based on your interests and needs at the moment. He’s fun and knows just how much information to give you if you are a novice art enthusiast or have deep knowledge and experience. I HIGHLY recommend LA Gallery Tours. Worth every penny and we will be back! Trish G.

La Jolla, California

Thank you again for such a fabulous Saturday afternoon art tour. I learned so much in such a short time, and your insights as a California artist made me feel like I’m really in the know, now.

I went to a party at a friend’s house on Monday and studied a painting of theirs that I’ve seen many times before, and found myself thinking, “was this from the Pattern and Decoration movement?”

I’ve always known that art is a form of self-expression and communication with the “greater public” so to speak. But I now understand that it can be a form of communication between artists! I’d never thought of that before. Ruth Loomis

Rancho Park

Thank you so much for taking me on your art tour of Culver City. As an interior designer and aesthete, I love beautiful things, but I must admit that I am a complete art world neophyte.

I was excited to come on your tour, but I was not sure what to expect–would I be overwhelmed seeing a bunch of galleries? Would it be uber intellectual and lead me to daydream? (Or worse yet, to nod off…you know that soporific feeling one tends to get after hours spent in a museum.)

Your tour was none of those things! First of all, you took me to places in Culver City that I have never been to, and opened my eyes to a town I thought I knew well. Secondly, I felt quite cool, hip and in-the-know, even a little edgy…while not being over-the-top, or too out there.

I think your choices of galleries were well matched to our group. And your ability to tailor to our whims and fancies on the fly, was much appreciated. I also found your comments to be easily digestible, and relatable…I could quickly and easily get what was important or interesting about a piece without getting lost in a bunch of artist-speak.

You made me appreciate contemporary art in a similar way to popular music; it was fun, hip, vital and visceral. You made me want to not only surround myself with beautiful things, but to actually start building a collection (and not by spending tons of money–even better!).

Thank you for making the art world accessible, and not so serious. One question: can I take you with me to Paris?” Kira Gould


The difference, for me and my family, between going to a gallery on our own and having Bill there to inform, guide and entertain us is night and day: we laughed, we learned and we looked at things from an informed perspective that made the whole experience come to light in a way that we could not have created on our own. Bill is a genius and a very fun guide. David Rothenberg


My wife and I are usually kept pretty busy, and so even though Los Angeles is a major player in the international art world, we seldom take the time to explore that aspect of our city. Even for those persons who frequently enjoy going to art galleries, it must be hard to know where to go, when to go, and what is likely going to be worth seeing. That’s why we’ve found having a guide to show us the ins and outs of the extensive Los Angeles art scene so useful and time effective.

Our guide, Bill Kleiman, is a professional artist himself and knows the art world intimately. He gives you a real insider’s view and, after one of his tours, you really feel you have received a great survey of current work being done. Even if you don’t expect that spending part of your day looking at art would be all that much fun, Bill makes it an enjoyable and memorable afternoon.

He takes you out to see the real stuff and has it organized so you get to see a lot of interesting work in a lot of great galleries in a short amount of time. Many are places we might not otherwise have known about.

While most of the places Bill takes you to are serious galleries devoted to showing what their owners hope prospective collectors will also agree is the best being offered of important contemporary art, there is nothing at all stuffy, self-important, or pretentious about the art tour or Bill’s informed background commentary. The group discussions that inevitably develop about the art are open and invigorating, and no contrary opinions or tastes are ever discounted or discouraged. The typically good humored discussions within the group are enjoyable, and actually tends to help your appreciation even more. I have found that the whole experience tends to help me clear some of the stale air and cobwebs of ordinary issues and expectations out of my head. Bill has even taken us to interesting and fun destinations slightly outside the bounds of high art. For example, as part of his tour of the galleries in the Culver City area, he also took us to the highly improbable Museum of Jurassic Technology that is set up like a giant installation, chock-full of unexpected objects presented in a way that will absolutely hornswaggle you.

Going on Bill’s tours to view art and galleries in the extensive Los Angeles art scene, including some very interesting galleries in unexpected places such as Culver City and Chinatown, gave us an opportunity to escape a rut and see lots of things we might otherwise have overlooked. Now we even make a little time to get out on our own and enjoy the art of our city. Don Farkas

Bel Air

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